Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Screw You Madonna!

I can not express how much I hate Madonna.  How could you not just want to head butt a face like this?

One of the reasons I hate her is how she thinks she is far superior to anyone else on this planet.  I just love how condescending she was when Lady Gaga said that Madonna was an inspiration to her music and instead of being thankful and humble she said that Lady Gaga's song Born This Way was "interesting."  She was pissed that Gaga's song sounded like one of hers.  I find it funny that she is mad over someone having a similar song as hers since she made a career of ripping off Marilyn Monroe.  She should be thankful that Gaga kept her relevant for 5 minutes longer.

I also hate her fake English accent.  Madonna you are not some refined Englishman, you are a skank from Detroit who got famous by acting like a whore.  Plus she looks so gross with her botoxed face and her vainy man arms.  Yuck.

I also don't know how she won a golden globe recently.  I have no idea what she won it for and was not about to spend the energy to look it up.  We can only hope that her new project is as high quality as her smash hit movie Swept Away was.  No matter how good the project is that she was nominated for I would have to believe that Elton John is a far superior artist.  Elton John could create a song using nothing but fart sounds and a kazoo and it would be better than anything Madonna has put out in the last 20 years.


  1. Are you complaining about man arms????

  2. Mine never looked like hers. They are so vainy and gross looking.