Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So I guess I'm going to hell

Part of my job is to work at a site one day a week where I am by far the youngest one there.  Everyone else at the site is over 70 years old.  They are very religious and avid Fox News watchers.  Both of which I have totally opposite views on. 

There we were sitting and reading the newspaper when we stumbled upon an article about occupy wall street.  After some discussion one of the volunteers goes on a rant about the government.  It turns into her complaining about how the government does not allow religion in schools.  I reminded her that people are free to send their kids to religious affiliated schools but due to not everyone being the same religion there can't be religion taught in public schools.  She argued that America is a Christian country.  I reminded her that in fact there are two clauses in the constitution that not only give people the freedom to follow whatever religion they want but also that America will not be affiliated with one religion.  As you may assume this did not go over well.  She then came right out and asked me if Jesus Christ is my savior!  Are you kidding me?  Who asks a question like that?  So naturally I told her no.  I told her that while I am very interested in religion that I do not believe in any of the organized religions.  She was stunned.  She looked at me like I just kicked a puppy.  That is when she proceeded to tell me that she felt sorry for me because I am going to hell.  She stated that there were only two places someone could go either heaven or hell, and if someone doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is their savior then they cannot go to heaven.  So hell it was for me I guess.  I reminded her that those are her beliefs and I am quite comfortable with my afterlife placement.